What we do

In 1997, in accordance with the Agreement concluded between the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the SOS-Kinderdorf International Society on the Creation, Construction, Equipping and Operation of SOS Children's Villages and Related Projects in the Republic of Uzbekistan and Cabinet of Ministers Resolution No. 585 of 12/31/1997 “About Organization of the Association” SOS Children's Villages of Uzbekistan, the Association “SOS Children's Villages of Uzbekistan” was created.

In the same year, at the General Assembly, held in Innsbruck (Austria), the Association of Uzbekistan was admitted to the International Society.

In the territory of the Republic, the Association through its branches in Tashkent, Samarkand and the Khorezm region implements programs and projects aimed at improving the well-being of orphans and children left without parental care, and providing assistance to children at risk of social orphanhood.

Family custody service:

In all three regions, a long-term care program for orphans and children without parental care is operating. Today in 32 SOS families 197 children are being brought up, left without parental care and transferred to education in SOS. In SOS families, children are brought up under the strict care of SOS mothers who have been specially selected and trained for this role. For comprehensive development, SOS employees have developed and implemented a program for the harmonious development of children. Constant spiritual, educational, upbringing and health-improving work is being carried out with SOS pupils with the assistance of local authorities, institutions and departments of the system of ministries of public education, health and republican public organizations. In addition to compulsory secondary education, all children, depending on the abilities and interests of each child, attend clubs, sports sections and elective classes, as well as receive wellness treatments. Children actively participate in various creative and sports contests and competitions, visit museums and historical and cultural places, during the summer and winter holidays they organize active vacations in children's health camps in the country.

On the territory of the SOS branch of the Children's Village in Samarkand, there is a Center for the provision of short-term care for children whose families are in difficult life circumstances. Here, children receive all the necessary assistance: medical, pedagogical, psychological and social. On average, 10 children are temporarily staying at this center for a maximum of one year each month.

In 2010, a new program was launched to support the families of SOS Children's Villages in the Khorezm region. The uniqueness of this program lies in new innovative approaches, when instead of the usual classical model of villages, SOS organized families integrated in the SOS community for children without parental care in Urgench, and in two out of six SOS-organized families, a couple is raising children. The creation of SOS families integrated into the community was an innovative approach for the entire SOS, and over more than one year of their activity allowed us to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of this approach and the advisability of the subsequent development and dissemination of this form of family. Living in these families allowed children to more easily and quickly integrate and socialize in families, and families in mahallas, and to be brought up in the spirit of national traditions and values ​​of the mahalla. Currently, 34 children are brought up in six SOS families in the city of Urgench.

Youth custody:

SOS carries out consistent work to support children leaving SOS custody through the organization of Youth Centers and a program of semi-independent living. The Youth Center is a kind of youth hostel where adolescents live for 3-4 years, under the tutelage of teachers and mentors who help young people decide on their future profession and first employment, teach life and social skills. The first Youth Center was opened in 2009 in Tashkent with the support of the Government, which transferred to the Association a building with a total area of ​​more than 500 sq.m. Currently, 14 young men and women live there. The premises for the second Youth House with a total area of ​​about 500 square meters, located in the TUIT hostel in Tashkent, were also received by the Association from the Government in May 2013. Repair and equipment of the premises were carried out at the expense of SOS Kinderdorf International. Today, 15 teenagers live there. In 2015, funds were received for the reconstruction and repair of the building allocated by the Hokimiyat of the Samarkand region for the Youth Center in Samarkand.

Family Strengthening Service:

Since 2007, the Association has been carrying out extensive work to prevent social orphanhood among socially vulnerable families in cooperation with local governments. The first project to strengthen the family was launched in Tashkent, and then continued in 2008 in Samarkand. Professional Team