Alternative care

Alternative care

77 children in Samarkand
38 children in Urgench
87 children in Tashkent

The SOS Children's Villages Uzbekistan provides alternative care in a family setting for children who have lost their parents or cannot live with their biological family. SOS families provide stable, secure and loving care for children. SOS family care has been successfully operating in 136 countries for more than 70 years.

SOS Children's Villages Uzbekistan provides alternative care in three regions: 14 SOS family houses were built in Tashkent, 13 SOS family houses in Samarkand, and 6 SOS family houses integrated into communities were organized in Urgench, where SOS families live in the neighbourhood with other families.

In each SOS family has 4-7 children of different ages and genders from different biological families. There are also siblings, whose upbringing in one family is one of the priorities of SOS Children's Villages Uzbekistan.

SOS-mother / parents - a “professional” adoptive parent,  who lives with children, and has an individual approach to each child, and takes care that the children have everything necessary for individual development.

An individual approach is an important component of our work: this is the only way we can be sure that every child receives everything necessary in order to further continue living independently.

Our achievements for 2000-2016

• Over the entire period of the organization’s work, 515 children were taken to the care. 225 children left our programs and began their independent lives.
• Today, in 33 SOS families, 202 children without parental care are being raised.