Every child should grow up in a caring family. Family dysfunction leads to serious consequences, both for each individual child and for the society in which he lives, but it exists everywhere. According to our estimates, in a world full of poverty, violence, disease and injustice, the help we render is needed to 10% of children around the world. They are deprived of the opportunity to realize the internationally recognized basic rights to upbringing, protection, education, and health care. They are denied the right to simply be children.

Almost all states of the world have signed the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and yet many of them still do not or cannot fulfill their obligations.


Any of our activities comes from the interests of the child.
We help socially vulnerable families take care of children and take measures to prevent social orphanhood.
When children can no longer remain in their family, we provide them with decent conditions for education in SOS families and foster families accompanied by SOS.
We support young people on their way to an independent adult life and help them succeed in life.
We call on public authorities to fulfill their obligations to protect the rights of the child. We work with donors, members of the public, government and partner organizations to help children who need it; To do this, we share our knowledge and experience and work based on local realities.
When emergencies arise in the regions where we are already represented, we focus on providing humanitarian assistance and accompanying and protecting children and families, coordinating our work with state authorities and humanitarian organizations.
We continuously evaluate the impact of our programs on the lives of people and communities.


We focus on the long-term development of every child, adolescent or young person - including his upbringing, health and education - so that in the future he can overcome the difficulties that arise in life.

Around the world, we are taking direct action to strengthen communities. Although each child’s situation is unique, our experience shows that every child needs a stable relationship, and the best environment for developing this relationship is a caring family, in which the personal attention of an adult devoted to the child plays a vital role. As part of our efforts to strengthen socially vulnerable families and prevent their breakup, we offer such forms of practical support as counseling and the development of parenting skills so that families can become independent. In our SOS families and the foster families we accompany, we provide the individual needs of each child. We closely recognize each child, listen to him and work with him, helping him to grow in every sense throughout his childhood. We continue to support him until he is ready to enter an independent adult life.

We advocate for the interests of children and youth, allowing them to directly interact with government bodies and international organizations. We call on public authorities to fulfill their obligations to the international community to protect children and provide decent educational conditions for children in need of a device.

Together we can ...
... strengthen families.
... provide decent educational conditions for children.
... provide children with the opportunity to remain children.

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