Where we work

Currently, the Association “SOS Children's Villages of Uzbekistan” implements programs in three regions of the country: Tashkent, Samarkand and Khorezm region.

The construction and full equipping of children's villages in Tashkent, the city of Samarkand and the Khorezm region, which provide more than 300 children without guardianship, provide various services (training, sports, leisure, psychological, pedagogical and legal support, etc.).

In particular, 83 children live in the family houses of the SOS Children's Villages of Uzbekistan branches in Tashkent, 88 in Samarkand, and 36 children in Urgench. In the city of Urgench, an integrated form of family custody was introduced, only 6 apartments and houses in various mahallas were acquired, 2 social centers were organized in the city of Urgench and the Shavatsky district.

In addition, the Association "SOS Children's Villages of Uzbekistan" and its branches in the cities. Tashkent, Samarkand and the Khorezm region on the basis of self-government bodies of citizens, youth homes, schools created services to strengthen the family and prevent social abandonment, loyal groups of teachers, parents and children (equipped with multimedia materials for lessons, new computer classes), social enterprises, of which the parents of children at risk of deprivation of parental care are employed, a number of gyms have been repaired and equipped with sports equipment.

For graduates of SOS Children's Villages in Uzbekistan, 2 youth houses were organized in Tashkent, in which 29 young people live and 2 youth houses in Samarkand, in which 31 young people live.

To date, the Association has 173 employees. Of these, 61 are employees in the branch of Tashkent, 60 in Samarkand and 37 in Urgench. Among them are such specialists as SOS mothers and assistants, social workers and teachers, lawyers and employment specialists.

The following is branch information.