SOS Children's village of Samarkand was opened in 2005, currently 132 children live there, of which:

- 90 children live in 12 SOS families,
- 25 teenagers are in the care of two Youth Houses of Samarkand
- 10 children are in the Support Center for Children from Crisis Families
- 7 young people receive support in the program of semi-independent living.

In 2007, the service for the prevention of orphanage and strengthening the family began its work. Today, the family strengthening service covers 226 children and 111 adults from 88 families in 12 mahallas with their services; three social enterprises were organized in two mahallas.

In 2008, an educational project was launched in schools No. 63 and No. 29 and kindergarten No. 85. As part of the project, computer equipment was delivered to schools in the city of Samarkand, teaching materials were provided, the gym was repaired, and sports equipment was provided. In the kindergarten, 7 groups are equipped with new furniture and teaching materials are provided. Trainings were held for teachers.

In total, 48 employees work in the SOS of the Children's Village of Samarkand, including 10 SOS mothers, 7 SOS aunts, social workers, psychological, pedagogical, administrative and technical personnel.